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GO! SOLUTIONS™ recipes were created especially for dogs who are fussy about their food, who need a grain free or higher protein diet, and for those requiring a recipe with unique proteins, or a limited number of ingredients. And because we all want our pets to stay healthy and happy, we also have a recipe that provides whole body preventative care, for life! GO! SOLUTIONS™ are complete, nutrient-packed foods with zero growth hormones, by-products, or artificial preservatives.


Merrick – Grain-free

Merrick’s Grain Free recipes provide your dog with healthy ingredients for the best possible nutrition. Cooked with locally sourced ingredients in the USA, these recipes deliver high-quality grain free nutrition that is perfect for any pet. With a variety of options, you’re sure to find the right recipe for your best friend.



Available at our Lakefield location only


Natural Balance

These premium formulas offer complete, balanced nutrition in a variety of delicious flavours – great for picky palates and dogs that have difficulty eating dry food.

Natural Balance – Limited Ingredient Diet

Formulated with a limited list of premium protein and carbohydrate sources, this L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® formula is excellent when you are seeking alternative ingredients for your pet.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health


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Canada Fresh – Grain-free

Complete and balanced • Canadian sourced and produced • Naturally a source of: Glucosamine • Vitamins • Minerals • Amino Acids • Fatty Acids. Every can is made up of 95% fresh meat, naturally providing the nutrients your pet needs. It’s nutrition the way nature intended.


Tripett – Grain-free

Tripett BUTCHER SHOP features a line of canned food based on pure meat formulations which are 100% GRAIN FREE and 99%+ PURE MEAT and TRIPE. Green tripe is the unbleached, nutrient rich stomach lining of a grass-fed animal containing essential fatty acids and digestive juices important for your pet’s health.



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Taste of the Wild – Grain-Free

Taste of the Wild limited ingredient diets are high-quality, affordable, grain-free dog foods based on your pet’s natural diet. In every formula, the first ingredient is from real meat, fish or fowl. We use unique proteins like wild boar, bison, smoked trout, roasted duck, venison and Angus beef to make better tasting dog foods your pet will crave.


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Wellness Complete Health 

Wellness Complete Health Pate recipes are packed with protein and vegetables.


Wellness Stew

Delicious, chunky, slow-cooked homestyle stew with tender cuts of premium protein and veggies in a savory gravy. Complete and balanced for everyday feeding, mixing or snacking!


Wellness CORE – Grain-Free

Wellness CORE wet dog food is grain-free, filler-free and packed with premium quality animal protein along with a proprietary blend of botanicals and nutritional supplements to ensure your dog has the nutrition they need to thrive from their CORE.


Wellness Ninety-Five Percent – Grain-Free

Each can of Wellness Ninety-Five Percent Pate is packed with all-natural, grain-free protein and not much else. Serve as a delicious mixer or topper with a complete and balanced diet.

Wellness Small Breed Petite – Grain-Free

Petite Entrées were created just for Small Breed dogs – delicious taste, exciting textures and daily variety. Each unique preparation features mouthwatering cuts of meat and wholesome vegetables in delicious sauces. We don’t use meat by-products, fillers, or wheat as a binder because we believe best friends deserve the best. A tasty and healthy way to serve a little extra love to your little friend.





Inception – Grain-Free

Inception® is formulated with animal protein first to serve your canine companions’ needs. We understand your canine companions are carnivore first, omnivore second and thrive with good animal protein in their diets. At Inception® , we ensure our first two ingredients are animal protein. Our formulas are free of potatoes, legumes, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. 

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